IIB configuration

Database configuration:
to configure database connection run command: mqsisetdbparms {broker name} -n {ODBC name} -u {username} -p {password}

in order to verify that your integration node can connec to database use command: mqsicvp -n {ODBC name} -u {username} -p {password}

Configuring BLOB max size:
Environment variable – MQSI_LOB_BUFFER_INCREMENT_MAX – size in bytes

Show Broker properties:
mqsireportproperties {broker name} -o BrokerRegistry -r

Set Integration server JVM properties:
mqsichangeproperties {broker name} -e {integration server name} -o  ComIbmJVMManager -n jvmSystemProperty -v “-Dlogback.configurationFile=file:/C:/IIB/config/EG01_logback.xml”

Show Integration server JVM properties:
mqsireportproperties {broker name} -o ComIbmJVMManager -e {integration server name} -r

Setup integration server SMTP gateway:
mqsicreateconfigurableservice Brkr01 -c SMTP -o {service alias}
mqsichangeproperties Brkr01 -c SMTP -o {service alias} -n serverName -v {hostname}:{port}
mqsisetdbparms Brkr01 -n smtp::{security identity} -u {username} -p {decrypted password}
mqsichangeproperties Brkr01 -c SMTP -o {service alias} -n securityIdentity -v {security identity}


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