Case Manager – extensions for property editor

You should restart server to make sure your extensions are loaded correctly.

Mock editor:

Provides a substitute editor widget for use when a property’s proper editor cannot be rendered because of unresolved dependencies in the view designer. The view designer’s registry configuration must be explicitly configured to use the mock editor.
This editor widget is simply a place-holder, and cannot be used to enter data. A custom application may choose to implement a more functional mock editor if desired.

], function(declare, YesNoCheckBoxEditor, Mock) {
return {
editors: {
editorConfigs: {
"customYesNoCheckBoxEditor": {
label: "Yes No Check Box",
editorClass: YesNoCheckBoxEditor
"customZiopWorkgroupEditor": {
label: "Ziop Workgroup",
editor: "yesnocheckbox/editors/ZiopWorkgroupEditor",
editorClass: Mock


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